Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Its not the end, just the end of this

I need to end this blog, sadly, I had 90 posts today, I was so close to 100.
I will be starting a new blog though. YAY
I hope you are reading this.
BTW....the name change, just ignore it.
Once I make the new blog, I will let everyone in my links know.
If you are not in my links, comment and let me know how to contact you with the new URL, obviously if you have a blog, then I can just do it there, but if not, then yes, just give me a way to contact you....i promise I am no pedo.

I know its weird that I let complete strangers view this, yet I dont want anyone I know in real life to find it, but I guess I AM weird. This is the one place I have thats private and I can kind of let loose and say my thoughts as is. I like all my readers, and I enjoy the comments, and commenting. I am stressed with school all the time, but I still enjoy blogging and WILL continue.
I am way too paranoid that someone will find this, apparently someone already has, but I think he was joking. ughh.
Ah, I just dont want people to find it.
I searched my name followed by my gym name on google and it came up
I tried deleting my profile and posts that mention my name or gym......but the posts are still in the archives, so it didnt work
so this is the end
I'll let you all know when I start a new one

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bianca Berks East Gymnastics

I edited an old post I had no comments on
I did this so a certain someone could find my blog when he maliciously searched for it.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Den frikken mark

Denmark was fucking amazing
I loved it.
I miss it soooo much, though, its nice to be in my own house.
I am eaten by homework right now. I have to read 1/2 a book and do all these responces, do vocab homework, and make a poster on OCD for health...all by tommorrow. I can do it though.
I woke up so early today, probably beacuse i went to sleep at like 10...aka very early for me.
anyway. Denmark.
The club was amazing. I danced all night.......The city Helsignor was adorable, and Copenhagen was amazing. EVERYONE's style was amazing. All those scandanavian blogs....it was like that EVERYWHERE.
Basically all in all it was simply awesome, definitely the coolest thing i will do in high school.
airport/plane on the way there
automatic purell dispenser

entertainment system

tourist much?
Adventures in Denmark



I have alot more photos....but i think this is enough for now. I should start updating regularly within the next week.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I am here

I arrived safely in Denmark!
I am very tired, but it has been a fun first day.
I am going to a club tomorrow night
shopping in Copenhagen saturday
Sweden on Sunday :]
i just went to see a castle
it was sweeeeet
Tomorrow it's a museum by day and club by night. Should be fun

ÆØÅ....danish letters

Monday, March 17, 2008

surveys make me smile

and bring me back to my myspace days

8 Things I Am Passionate About

1. Gymnastics
2. music
3. hats
4. colors
5. street style/photography
6. winning arguments
7. helping people

8 Things I Want to Do Before I Die

1. Go skydiving....YAY, my coach sky dives, I want to go with him when i turn 18
2. Go to Australia
3. Go to Europe....Germany, Italy....everywhere
4. Win a contest
5. go to senior prom with someone
6. Have a dress up party
7. Have kids
8. wear cat eye eyeliner

8 Things I Say Often (not phrases, just adjectives/adverbs)

1. Icky
2. no
3. wtf
4. a smidge
5. seriously
6. eww
7. obviously
8. like

8 Books I Have Read Lately

1. The great gatsby
2. The awakening
3. Catcher in the rye
4. The wayward bus
5. The red pony
6. The pearl
7. America's dream
8. The lone ranger and tonto fist fight in heaven

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over

1. Relax
2. swing swing
3. I was born a unicorn
4. Music is my hot hot sex
5. white houses
6. strawberry fields forever
7. bittersweet symphony
8. collide<3

8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends

1. We think alike...well sometimes
2. They arnt stupid
3. They dont think im a loser
4. They understand i have a really busy life
5. They laugh at me
6. They are cool
7. They support me
8. They let me think that my crazy ideas are some what plausable

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I'm back from Florida, it was great, i got 5th on bars in my competition, hahha all i asked for was to place top 5 on something, so i felt it was worth going there! It was so fun!!. After my meet i went to the mall with MK and Abreena. This mall was amazing,LV,neimans,bloomingdales,juicy,chanel,dior,bcbg, an incredibly crappy urban,anthro...and a bunch more. All i got was a hello kitty pencil for me and a hello kitty doll for my friend who wasn't able to compete :[. Ah i was so annoyed. I want a pair of skinnies that fit nice and are like mid rise...not too low. i tried j brand and bdg and lucky. all icky. I'm gonna try lux from urban, but if anyone has suggestions, do tell! anyway, then i went back to the hotel and laid by the pool and did a practice SAT, then me and my mom went to downtown Disney, i got a hello kitty shirt(hahah like everything i bought is hello kitty). Then today me MK and Abreena went to universal. It was awesome!!! I had to leave around 2 to go home....but it was a great trip!!! my mommy said i could stay home tommorow and clean my room, its a wreck and my dane is coming in9 days, so i need to clean it!!

me and MK were on the same plane! ugly,funny,cool pictures. We were really obnoxious on the plane. I almost felt bad....almost.

impossible sudoku and SAT book

of course the shitty bags are mine :p my mom gets all the good ones

pretty sunset on the way home...not so great pictures taken from the plane but it was so pretty, oh yeah, on the way back my mom randomly got us first class....seriously, it wasnt that great