Thursday, April 17, 2008

I am here

I arrived safely in Denmark!
I am very tired, but it has been a fun first day.
I am going to a club tomorrow night
shopping in Copenhagen saturday
Sweden on Sunday :]
i just went to see a castle
it was sweeeeet
Tomorrow it's a museum by day and club by night. Should be fun

ÆØÅ....danish letters


Belle said...

glad you got there safely! <3 have a great time and take lots of pictures no matter what lol.

Anonymous said...

what program are you going to denmark through? i really want to do something similar.

anna. said...

ahhh europe is amazing.
glad you arrived safely.

have fun shopping!

Tavi said...

Can't wait to see pictures and glad everything went well!
Haha, wish I could've been there to help you with the Norwegian soap opera =]

LINDA said...

Ahh, you're so lucky! I'd give anything to leave right now and go to Denmark. Luls.

If you're ever... er... not busy, check out my blog because I tagged you on something. ;D

Sugar Pop said...

Hi Bianca! I've been reading your blog fora while and finally got one of my own! check it out if you've got time (when ur all settled back at home...) !


Wendy said...

You are so lucky! Keep us posted.