Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Its not the end, just the end of this

I need to end this blog, sadly, I had 90 posts today, I was so close to 100.
I will be starting a new blog though. YAY
I hope you are reading this.
BTW....the name change, just ignore it.
Once I make the new blog, I will let everyone in my links know.
If you are not in my links, comment and let me know how to contact you with the new URL, obviously if you have a blog, then I can just do it there, but if not, then yes, just give me a way to contact you....i promise I am no pedo.

I know its weird that I let complete strangers view this, yet I dont want anyone I know in real life to find it, but I guess I AM weird. This is the one place I have thats private and I can kind of let loose and say my thoughts as is. I like all my readers, and I enjoy the comments, and commenting. I am stressed with school all the time, but I still enjoy blogging and WILL continue.
I am way too paranoid that someone will find this, apparently someone already has, but I think he was joking. ughh.
Ah, I just dont want people to find it.
I searched my name followed by my gym name on google and it came up
I tried deleting my profile and posts that mention my name or gym......but the posts are still in the archives, so it didnt work
so this is the end
I'll let you all know when I start a new one