Sunday, February 24, 2008


I'm back from Florida, it was great, i got 5th on bars in my competition, hahha all i asked for was to place top 5 on something, so i felt it was worth going there! It was so fun!!. After my meet i went to the mall with MK and Abreena. This mall was amazing,LV,neimans,bloomingdales,juicy,chanel,dior,bcbg, an incredibly crappy urban,anthro...and a bunch more. All i got was a hello kitty pencil for me and a hello kitty doll for my friend who wasn't able to compete :[. Ah i was so annoyed. I want a pair of skinnies that fit nice and are like mid rise...not too low. i tried j brand and bdg and lucky. all icky. I'm gonna try lux from urban, but if anyone has suggestions, do tell! anyway, then i went back to the hotel and laid by the pool and did a practice SAT, then me and my mom went to downtown Disney, i got a hello kitty shirt(hahah like everything i bought is hello kitty). Then today me MK and Abreena went to universal. It was awesome!!! I had to leave around 2 to go home....but it was a great trip!!! my mommy said i could stay home tommorow and clean my room, its a wreck and my dane is coming in9 days, so i need to clean it!!

me and MK were on the same plane! ugly,funny,cool pictures. We were really obnoxious on the plane. I almost felt bad....almost.

impossible sudoku and SAT book

of course the shitty bags are mine :p my mom gets all the good ones

pretty sunset on the way home...not so great pictures taken from the plane but it was so pretty, oh yeah, on the way back my mom randomly got us first class....seriously, it wasnt that great



jenn said...

You're a cute hipster *wink*
Glad you had fun in Florida!

T said...

sounds like you had a blast in florida. cute things for spring

Wendy said...

Good job at the meet! You are the cutest!

Karine said...

The pictures are very COOL!!!!


The one you're jumping is the best!



jenn said...
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Poppycock Thoughts said...

I like the jumping/flying picture.

Sammie said...

Yeay you're back! Sounds like you had a lot of fun in Florida. I love going there, Bahama Breeze is beastly! I like all the pictures, especially the one jumping, haha. And cute spring clothes.

Suzanne said...

the jumping picture with the red chucks is adorable! you should come join weardrobe and start your virtual closet :) come to and check it out!